Cori G.

The last few weeks have been very challenging and I have found it fascinating that AST work is in alignment with what is happening in the other parts of my life as well.  I feel like I am doing double duty!  Wow!  No wonder I feel dehydrated.

This week as I was doing the exercise, I noticed that I was focused on the topic of the next show that I am signed up for.  Normally, I create and produce wearable art performance pieces as well as upcycled wearable art.  This October, I have my first gallery exhibition.  I am so nervous and having the most ridiculous time having faith in what I am about to do.  It is so different than what I normally do!  Initially when I got signed up for the gallery show, I had just come back from participating in Jane's surface design class on Whitby Island.  I was so inspired and excited by this great idea I had that was different from anything I had ever done can't wear it.  I still love this idea and this week, working through the exercise, I worked through twice...once with the original idea in mind, then secondly with no idea in mind, just to see what would come up.  It was wonderful!  The first time through, more ideas flowed about coalesced for the show in October and the second time through, ideas for future shows evolved.   I feel like what has developed  is a subject matter that I would like to explore using different techniques.  The story of the show remains the same.  I feel like it is my exploration of this idea that will create the artworks necessary to be a show.  Another cool aspect of this gallery is that it is in an architectural office with a gorgeous view of mountains and a river.   It seems to fit somehow.

Even though working through the exercises the last few weeks have been very challenging, I am feeling really grateful for doing the work.  Thank you so much.