Sharon L.

This may be the first installment of my response to Wk 7, as I've only watched the video, but I fervently want to express my agreement.  I've long thought about the timing on talking about the creative ideas that are ripening within us --- over the years I've become more and more conscious of energy, and I have noticed that if I talk about ideas that I have not yet begun to physically manifest as an art work, I can literally feel the energy motivating that idea become less.  There is a ripening process that we must let happen in order for the idea to become so powerful within us that the idea actually motivates us enough to move our physical bodies -- possibly sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching Gone With The Wind for the 43rd time -- to get up off that couch, go to the studio, and start the magical process of making our idea appear through our creative work.   

There is often a point when the piece is in process where we begin to have doubts about it -- I find that is a 'safe' time to talk about it, but only with other artists whom I know will give positive useful feedback from their own experience.  I never expose my work in progress to persons with negative response pattern.