Landreth H.

What a week! I am always curious to hear what everyone else is experiencing as we have shared in this class.  We are really each on our own private journey. What we have in common is the process we are learning and where we are on that continuum.  Jane you are a wise woman as you have challenged us! Creating a closed and safe space to explore and encourage others as we are also encouraged.  Each of us picking up the thread where ever... to learn more ... to strengthen our artist self. And all along you have suggested so many other resources for us to find. I will continue this searching.

I woke this morning ... looking across my studio at the 8 X 10 design wall. There are two pieces there ... first in a series. I had rested, eyes closed, designing, evaluating, exploring, dreaming and when I woke and looked ... I knew what I will do today. Moving into this very large room two years ago was an experiment ... did I truly wish to live my art?  The answer is yes. Now as we have shared together, I have begunto clarify what I am and how I will best work.

Basics ... What subconcious rules did I apply when creating my dye rusted pieces? To find my unique self ... break them. The piece I showed with the leaves last week is my coming back to the beginning. Simplify. Now I have great technique skills with some design experience that should help me with my making. Aiming to evaluate continually.

We have worked through so much! After our rebel week, I took out and stored anything I had not touched in the last year. (Some exceptions of course! It takes a bit to let go!!!) Then a couple of weeks later ... purging the storage ... so now only treasures and tools remain! I then changed my floor plan lay out!!!  I work differently! Phew! And my many well intentioned distractions are almost gone or contained. And I have many incredible ... lists ... to explore!

For this week I realized that I will not be making to show or to sell or even to gift. For years that has been my focus. Now I wish to live with my art ... on my walls ... finished or in progress ... sharing with others only when I wish ... owning it!  Focus! It is all about focus! Being aligned to where I am and what I am doing requires that I stay in focus. This is so exciting!   Because of that, for me and for now, the only introduction of myself I wish to write is …. I am a fiber artist!!!!                     (  work in progress!)