Faith V.

Week 7 brought a major change into my family’s life with the passing of my 91 year old father-in-law. In a nursing home for just over 4 years, confined to a wheel chair, unable to even feed himself, his passing was a blessing. But as with any loss, it forced me to focus on what is important in life.

To date, the synchronicity of what is being offered in these lessons with other areas of my life has been astounding. I’ve always felt that when I could feel/see that occurring, I was firmly “on my path” or at the very least, mindful enough to pay attention to where I am in time and space.  During week 7/8, my awareness of the support of our family and friends during times of grief and change gave me a good starting point for the question “what do I care about”.

Answering the question by list making was an eye opener.  It made me aware that even in doodles, the things I care about unconsciously show up. Breaking down the major topic into its primary parts, visuals, etc, literally made my head hurt, but it has also given me a great starting point.

Can’t say much more than that now as I’m not exactly sure how these ideas will manifest beyond the list making and sketchbook. But no doubt, I’ll be researching and sketching like mad over the next few weeks…months….years. My difficulty will be staying with the basic subject as my brain is already exploding with more topics to explore.  The goal, however, is to follow Jane’s advice to prioritize and focus.

Thank you, Jane!