Nancy W.

This was a good week to be assigned quiet reflection.  I need to stop and think.  I was writing in my journal and I realize that I feel stuck because I feel like I have no Content.  I did confide in my daughter who is a photographer and artist that "it is hard as a weaver to have content" (unless I am a tapestry weaver, which I am not - too slow). She reminded me that I am taking the content idea too literally. Content can include color, concepts, etc. This was helpful.  So I spent more time at my journal. 

Not to sound too dramatic, but I think I have had idea that I keep coming back to, that I am kind of done with.  My work, is as a therapist with people who have mental illness or histories of trauma and suffering.  I keep coming back to this theme, to represent this, or honor it. But another part of me does not want to fill my artist life with all that pain and suffering that I deal with in my work life.  I turn to art to have something ELSE in my life.  This feel selfish to say out loud, after all the people I work with cannot turn away from their history. 

 Without that content, I feel rather empty, like in that place that you described, Jane, where you have mastered a technique but it no longer excites you. It was helpful to have you articulate that feeling of being lost, drifting, searching.  I think that may be me right now. 

So I am quiet this week, drifting, thinking and reflecting.