Shelly B.

What do I care about?

  • gardening
  • home
  • children
  • pet
  • independence
  • time
  • order
  • consistency
  • texture
  • color
  • closed lines

Since the onset of participating in AST, I have developed an idea for a series of quilts.  The idea pulls from my childhood, involves precise lines and can be developed into an almost endless combination of elements.

The problem I'm having is defining what will make it unique.  What technique will best express my love of texture and color.

This idea is very easy to manipulate to make an impact. It can make a statement.

The essay talked about the limitless number of options, tools and techniques available to use today. This is where I get bogged down.

I'm not sure that I would declare myself an expert in any one technique.

Unfortunately, my personality is an equal dose of self-diagnosed ADD and impatience and perfection. All of my quilt work has consisted of one and dones .l  There is real fear in actually starting this series.  Once I commit to it, knowing that it will naturally grow and evolve, it might actually allow me to call myself an artist.  I'm afraid that the artist self won't measure up.  Won't succeed. 

I'm hoping that if I just get into the series, that it will take on a life of its own and show me the path to success.