Rayne V.

The big lesson from this week's assignment was that my idea of perfection is possible but that I needed to drop some counterproductive habits to get there.  Writing down and rating my skills was simple.  Writing down things I wanted to learn and improve on took ideas that floating in my head for years and made it real on paper.  Writing down my idea of perfection made me look for another class to sign up for because I do my best work in a classroom.

Not surprising drawing, painting, writing and teaching art classes were high in the heart's desire department.  I've had the opportunity to work as a substitute art teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade.  I never worked so hard and had so much fun in my life. As expected sewing was on the bottom of the heart's desire list.

Writing the things I wanted to learn was more difficult because there is so much.  I wonder what will stay on the list as time passed.  I found three activities I listed had to do with wax.  I listed encaustic (wax) painting.  I would love to see how they make Indonesia batik fabric with the wax-resist dyeing technique.  Learning how to do Ukrainian pysanky eggs was on the list too, and it uses the same wax-resist dyeing technique.

Perfection for me is when I see the artwork in my mind and I know I have the skills to make it.  To do that I need to change some things.  I followed a lot of comic strips as a kid and have read about all my favorite comic strip artist.  I see comic strips in my head and can't draw them.  Buying books to teach myself cartooning isn't working. I need a classroom setting, peers and deadlines to motivate me. I did not find a cartooning class yet.  I found a drawing class to sign up for in May at our library.  Drawing is one of those skills that will always be on the "want to improve" list.

I believe my road to perfection for right now is to keep finding the classes I want to take and the community of people that want the same thing.