Susan L.

This week’s lesson was relatively simple .. or so it seemed at the beginning. I’m a list maker, and taking inventory is just another form of lists, right? But once into it, I had to think a little deeper.

I divided my skill inventory into two parts: my work/everyday world, and my creative world. When I stand back and look at it, I see that in the creative side, I simply like most everything, so it is hard to purge from there, although I could give up handwork things for now. Although I am reasonably good at many of the items, I don’t feel I’ve had the time to push any one of them deeply, which is a real goal for me. Thus, my main enemy is ‘time’.

When I look at my Personal/Work items, many revolve around my professional day job; I’m a college professor. It is easy and clear to see that I’d like to get rid of the administrative evils that gobble up so much time. I don’t really enjoy them.  I also need to start saying ‘no’ to outside activities (such as lectures, collaborations), although I enjoy being involved with them; just not when I have so many other demands.

I rated some of my items in multiple columns (e.g. good, needs work), as the item is varied, and some aspects of it are good; others are not. This leads me to wonder if more focus is needed, or once again, just more time.

I truly am at a crux point of my career/life. I’m ready in my mind to retire from the college, but I can’t quite swing it financially. So, my head is in two places, and my creative life suffers as a result. I am so ready to exercise my creative fiber arts muscles with projects that have depth, not just the overview, as I feel has been my mantra lately. I think that is what I learned most from the exercise; I want some depth to my work.