Helen B.

I have been really hesitant to start THE LIST and I guess that’s mainly because then it would be obvious what I had moved on from.

As I have talked about before patchwork was a big part of my life before and during owning my patchwork and embroidery shop.  In the 7 years since it closed I have hardly sewn anything and I have always put it down to burn out from making samples of patterns for classes and magazine articles.  I still have quite a bit of fabric and I love all of them dearly, they are like familiar faces, friends.  I can slowly feel the need to sew creeping back but not in the context of before, so it will be interesting to see how it returns.

There are a lot of skills I have that I enjoy doing;

The ones in bold are skills I have but I’m working on improving.

  • Printmaking - Relief and etching
  • Embroidery more contemporary
  • Artist books from recycled books and ones I create myself
  • Mixed media art journaling
  • Writing usually to get stuff out of my head
  • Researching for art projects
  • Drawing – a skill I’m working on
  • Colour and the use of it an on going learning process
  • Mark making on paper and textiles.
  • Water colour a learning process.

For me the hardest thing is coming up with ideas in a world of so many possibilities, I place a lot of pressure on myself and am almost paralysed with fear of failure and being judged.

I know this is a problem a lot of artists.