Anita M.


The first thing that popped into my head is perfection is what others think. Something is only validated by what other people say about something I’ve made.

But…there’s a pot I made a while ago , that had family saying wow…but now looking at it, with more knowledge and understanding. I can see it sagged and isn’t symmetrical, because I built it too quickly. I was rather fond of it at the time.

The pot is for the chop!

Saggy pot.

Saggy pot.

So can perfection ever be achieved as your knowledge and skill is always, hopefully, improving?

Then I realised that I am my biggest critic and look to others to relieve some of the criticism I heap on myself.

Why, do I do that? After lots ruminating, I think it’s because I don’t spend time on things….wanting a quick make with fantastic results. So why be disappointed when I haven’t put the time in? I guess because sometimes, by some fluke, something rushed does turn out well, laying down reinforcementfor future projects.

One of my sons asked me to make him a jacket…..and as I know he is very critical with a good eye for detail, I made a test one first, from a pattern, in calico.I’d never done this before…normally straight into garment. Because of his expectations I took my time and did it properly…guess what….I was pleased with it!

I need to take that on board and make that my template!

Jacket template.

Jacket template.

I’m carryingon thinking about why does everything, for me, need to be done to perfection first time with out skill acquisition and where does it come from? Along with what is it I really want to do….I find that question really hard.

Is not specialising in on one area, giving me an excuse of not being good at something or am I concerned focusing on one thin might mean I miss out on something else or have I really not found what completely fore fills me?

I wasn’t brought up in an era wherepraise was given for everything, regardless. Criticism was freely given, often rather bluntly. I know in several instances at primary school, when harsh criticism completely removed my confidence. From winning a prize for hand writing to writing so small no one could read what I had written, a good way to avoid criticism!.

But I guess I’ve lived quiet awhile in the everything praised culture….. of course you can do it….with the important…if you put the effort in to acquire the skill. Certainly instant gratification plays a big part and is re-enforced by media, even if sublimely sometimes.

So, I shall continue to be aware of my trait for instant and quick, by giving myself time and enjoying the process rather than focusing on the result and have the courage to start again if needed or play with the mistake…which I can only do if I haven’t given myself a silly dead line of I need this tomorrow. But equally get on a do the project… son asked for the jacket 2 years ago!