Sara N.

I have found this week's lesson very interesting, and so true! Sharing our work can be really hard, particularly if we know it is not what we really envisioned would be the outcome, or if we really do know deep in our hearts that it is not up to the standard we would expect from ourselves.

I have been making a vest from material I have salvaged from two pairs of jeans, black and olive green.  I machine embroideredpart, appliqued part, fully lined and not yet complete.  But I was brave, and showed one daughter when she last visited.  I am over the moon about the fit.  When she saw it she was silent, and then said it looked like her uncle's fishing vest.  I was mortified!!!...... and yet I knew it to be true, and deep down I knew it to be true before I showed her.  I had my reservations.  It has not turned out the fashion item I was hoping.  Nothing wrong with the construction or fit, just the general look.   And yet I was disappointed with her comments.

However they were true.  And so, I 'toughened up'.  And embraced the critique because it was fair.  I spent all last evening trying to think what I could do to change the look. I ploughed my way through Pinterest looking at similar articles of similarly coloured clothing.   At first I thought, why bother to  finish it?  But then I thought why not finish it?  I enjoyed the whole process, I just hadn't got the look right.  I did manage to refashion existing garments without purchasing any materials to make a really useful itme.  However  I need to put more thought into the finished look.  Maybe sketch my ideas of the finished pieces on paper so I can really look if colours work and what they are saying.  Research more on embellishment and applique.  Work out the primary 'spaces' where embellishment has the most effective response.  Look at colours near the face, colours near the areas I want to draw attention away from.

Today my daughter returned and said she had been thinking. There is nothing wrong with the vest, I need to just wear it and after a month I will 'own' the look and then what does it matter?

So I will take all the above on board, write about my experience to myself and list my strengths, weaknesses, and where I want to head with this.  This experience and reflection has been the springboard.