Sarah D.

I've found I have become a lot more focused this week. A lot more stuff cleared and a desk sorted to work, rather than my lap or the dining room table. 

Thanks to advice from Jane I have been experimenting with my photos on a website she recommended called You can put your pics into repeat and even get them printed on fabric or as a wallpaper. Hours have flown by playing on this website. I used recent photos from Hong Kong and old pictures of my paintings (recycling yay!). Have attached a couple here. I love that I am combining passions - photography, painting and pattern. Has got me thinking about how else to combine I could combine them.

I have also had my first go at this weeks task. I have hundreds of photos that I took and printed of Shanghai when I lived there. They've just been sitting about. I've always been a bit worried about using them. Waiting for that perfect project. I had a chat with myself (my committee) and realised that I of course I could always get them reprinted if need be! I picked about 10 and cut them into strips (43 - my age). Then started to stick them back together and combine them. I combined a few photos into big pictures. I sat for a good couple of hours playing with these. Again had lots of fun and got me thinking about where to next. How about painting them, painting on them, putting them into repeat, adding more detail, sewing into them etc etc. 

Spoonflower experiments