Pat B.

I have worked large on one project.  In 2013 I had the opportunity to produce three  33’ silk banners dyed, and discharged.  This was a challenge as there was to be no seaming in the cloth and one banner had to run into the next and my print table is 4’ x 8’.  It became an obsession while I was working on this project.  Would I do it again, probably if asked, but I realized that working this large definitely has its drawbacks and is not where I want to be.  Small is not for me either, most of my work is wearable therefore has a definite size.  My recent print work is based on the kimono shape and this is where I am happiest.  Obsessive, yes, but only about getting the work done to the point where everything else like housework, invitations etc… gets put on the back burner but this is not my norm.  Usually I have trouble saying no unless I have a definite goal to reach by a certain time.  This is something I would like to change and am trying to work on this.  I guess I realize that I am goal oriented being late with deadlines is not part of who I am.  Commitments to others becomes a priority but I am trying to find balance, if I have to attend a meeting or a lunch then I work that evening to make up the time.  Usually this is when I will wind a warp, set up a loom or do book work, nothing that would require me to really do the creative work but things that still need to get done before the creative side takes over.


I did some very simple paper weaving.  The first one consists of pictures left over from a paper lamination.  The strips are  ½” wide and were cut from 8 ½” x 11” photocopies.  I randomly picked up the strips and did 36 across and 18 rows down, each down row consisting of 2 strips.  This is my age.

The second consists of 100 coloured strips, again, randomly picked from coloured photocopies of doors manipulated with photoshop.  All the time I was working on this my mind was wandering to other projects that I have been thinking about.  Just the act of having my hands busy gets the creative juices flowing.

The third is 100 pine cones laid end to end in straight lines.  I then used photoshop to play with the images.