Cheryl C.


I owe NC credit for helping me to want to go BIG or at least bigger w my art! I love the increased challenge and do feel that it increases the chance of the WOW factor being present. This has been an emphasis for me over the past 3-4 years.

However, making BIG art is not without its drawbacks. The most significant drawback for me is that I sometimes find myself doing nothing because my idea or motivation is not good enough or big enough for me to want to commit the time that I know is required to create and finish a big piece. (By the way, big to me usually means a minimum of 60” on a the shortest side.)

Another negative is what to do with very large pieces. Most people do not want BIG in their homes. If they do it is usually just for one or perhaps two significant places. The other is that although they want to collect art they do not want to pay the price for a BIG piece. They have an art budget that will allow for the purchase of smaller pieces.

Then there is the storage of such large pieces if there is no place to sell or hang them and even professional art groups such as art centers and SAQA have restrictions on size due to shipping requirements or hanging restrictions.

Ok so it is not about money or time spent to create but rather about the joy and challenge of making in itself. I agree and that is why I keep creating such pieces.

Re. slowing down. That is indeed an issue for me. I have hurried through life accomplishing lots. It is not uncommon for me to get in my studio, become frustrated because I do not have a BIG idea and just start making something/anything. Yesterday I spent all day on a little piece that I knew from the onset was not going to be good or even experimental. It totally fulfilled those expectations:)

Re. “Obsessive”? That I do NOT seem to do. Obsessive is time consuming, and here I am wanting to hurry to complete. I have thought about this a lot this week asking myself, “Why not be OBSESSIVE as well as BIG?” That could be real WOW factor, and I don’t seem to know what to do with all of the art I produce anyhow. No decision on this right now, but this has been a real thought provoker for me. Thank you Jane.

I revitalized a photo of some obsessive 2” squares that I made in a class way back when. I have over 100 of them. Mmmmm—are they something I want to play with again??