Susan D.

Learning to Make and Take Time

I’m just now returning to class. I’ve been totally consumed lately with family needs and let what I need slide. Previously when I would drop my needs I didn’t even notice. This time I’m quite annoyed about it. I’m glad I was there and things are turning out well but I want my time. I have a lot to learn about making time and using my time differently. Perhaps I’m already doing some this in that the class is always on my mind. I find that I’m thinking about it, jotting things down on paper and doing lots of imagining. This is a very good thing for me.

I am obsessive. Big piece, small piece. Doesn’t matter. I’ve known this. 

At first 100 sounded like so many but then as I looked around my studio I realized that I have several 100+ collections. I don’t see the collections as a problem. The problem for me is more one of what happens or doesn’t happen around them. 

So for this exercise I quickly gathered 67 bits and laid them out on my work table. I actually did this on the first day we received the essay. I planned to clean things up a bit, play some and then do the glue thing but life happened. 

So, even though it’s a bit late and undone. I’m letting go of my should (it has to be done) and honoring my commitment to post. This is a very important part of the class for me.