Sammy C.

Week 5 – Big or obsessive?

I am coming to the slow realisation that I am totally obsessive.

I have just spent the past weekend totally away from technology, in a beautiful spot in the Australian bush, contemplating so many things – the beauty around me, the pleasure of spending time with real valued friends, spending quality time with my husband, taking time to see things in detail and as a whole, appreciating light and dark, shadows and crisp starlight, rough and smooth, fragile and solid, listening to the crackle of fire and taking photos of it, watching, watching, watching… It was the epitome to me of the poem in our essay for week five by Rumi.

It was an experience in slowing down and now that I am back in the hurried world, I feel out of sorts and out of place. Recognising that has helped me to understand a few things about how I work and where I am at –

I love to work unhurried but it usually ends up frenzied because of the obsessive detail I put in, although that detail is not necessarily for the eye to see, it may have been the process of thinking that has been obsessive.

The scale is not relevant to me, big or small, although I am not good at adjusting time when the scale is bigger and that can get me into that frenzy I mentioned before.

Where do I wish I was?

In that place where there seems to be an abundance of time to do my work, no interruptions, no outside distractions, no restrictions. Take me back to that place in the mountains where I felt time passing rather than the oblivion of living where it happens in an apparent blink of an eye.  

My spiritual walk reminds me daily to be still (Ps 46:10), to know the greatness of God and this is an important component of who I wish to be and the art that I will produce from now on.

Picture 1.  BIG - My studio floor is a piece I did before putting all my stuff in there. It was a great experience and allowed my inner rebel to break out. The concept of a light bulb exploding with bursts of colour really speaks about my inner thought process of random bursts of inspiration that haven’t yet found a surface or medium of visual expression.

Picture 2. BIG - 2metres of silk dyed with a salt resist is an example of me breaking out of small detailed obsessions into the freedom and expression of fabric dyeing. This was a pure experiment and I had so much fun.