Theresa F.

In my 'making' I have always had a project that is worked over years.  When one is finished I start on children now own multiple hand knitted or crocheted blankets ....... some go to charity.  This is a kind of obsessional thing as the work is repetitive - multiples of the same design/pattern - over and over again.   I think the reason this activity is in my life is that it a form of meditation for me.

Having said that I recognise that the activity is not part of my artistic practice ..... but none the less an necessary activity for me.

For a long while I did produce stuff - things, clothing quickly - much of it was crap.  In the growing 'crafting' movement and the establishment of etsy and other similar sites - lots of other people are also producing crap and then attempting to sell it.   I was not immune to the idea that I could generate income form making things - as this is what I believed I had to do with this interest of mine - it had to be practical, productive and generate income.  I did 'obsessively' produce - it was not sitting right with me and in fact made me very unhappy.

I have been working on 'uncoupling' income generation from my artistic practises.  I am still at the very much 'baby steps' stage.  What is my art if I am not thinking it has to be bought by someone?

When I have had moments of working in an authentic way - to date the resulting work is neither big nor obsessive - it is 'just right' the goldilocks observation - 'not too hot, not too sweet but just right'.  Balanced and thoughtful are a couple of idea that stick for me.

I had the excellent fortunate earlier this year to visit a retrospective of El Anatsui's work.  The scale of the works definitely added to their impact and power - as did the choice of medium - typically items that have been discarded.  Yes- the works were big and they were so much more - depths of layered and nuanced meaning that I am still exploring today.

I don't think I would ever start out to produce a big or obsessive work.  

Would I ever end up with a big or obsessive work - maybe.......if that's what it took for the work to 'work', be resolved or to reach the point of 'enough'.