Stella W.


I think I pre-empted this week’s theme last week when I said that I want to make large sculptures but because of the limitations of space I have to content myself with smaller ones.

I like the idea of tessellations, shapes that repeat to make larger objects, a brick wall, a mosaic, a quilt and I like the idea of creating a larger glove sculpture by combining my small glove sculptures.

Haven’t created or even started to create a hundred or even seventy of anything this week. What I have done is finish a wax model of one of my Eroteme sculptures ready to be sent to the foundry, finished a clay sculpture of hands on a torso and set it to dry out ready for firing. I took a textile sculpture to the RA yesterday. I will hear if it has been selected or rejected for the summer exhibition at the end of the month. Since then have been working on more textile birds ready for submission to the Derwent Art Prize by June 1st

Last weekend I went to a local craft fair, discovered an allegedly weatherproof fabric stiffener ‘Pavenpol’ (has anyone tried it? Is it any good?)

I took an inspirational picture of a group of trees with mistletoe growing on them.

I have done other things, printed etchings and gone to life drawing but that’s enoughto bore you all with for one week. Of all those things the best was the grounds of Hatfield house and the view of those beautiful trees.