Pauline C.

"Only 32"

No, I haven't had a slack attack.  I have chosen to go very small and "not" obsessive.  Normally I am small and obsessive so it was refreshing to work off the cuff on something that took me 10 minutes.  

I am currently working on a piece for an exhibition which is to be held next week and I have been oh so obsessive to the point where I am starting to wonder whether I will have my artwork  completed in time.  I quite often "fly by the seat of my pants" and whilst sometimes this can be stimulating, it doesn't allow for those times when things just get stuffed up.  

So I will take a deep breath, make a coffee and vow to stick with my plan.  It's back to the studio for me.

(I think my piece looks like something you may find out there in the Universe)