Michaela M.

I didn't share anything in the online Open Studio last week - which annoys me as I feel as if I'm slipping behind with the class, although it has been constantly in my mind and I am working my way through 'Sacred Contracts' by Caroline Myss, although I will have to go back over some of it again!  I have been in the process of clearing out since the start of this year and although I have made good progress with the rest of the house I've only made tentative steps with my studio.  I'm not quite sure why this is - maybe because I realise quite what a large task I have ahead of me, maybe because I've tried throwing or giving things away before and I always find it really hard to part with art supplies, pieces of fabric bought on holidays, beautiful pieces of paper, old pieces of my art work etc. etc.  However, I have too much 'stuff' and I never quite know where to start when I begin a new project as I have too many choices to make just deciding on which supplies I will use.  So I know it has to be done and I even went over to help my Mother de-clutter her fabrics and books this weekend which made me feel I was moving in the right direction but I know I wasn't really!  

This week I haven't really gone big or obsessive but I have tried to slow down and not hurry through making something.  The weather was wonderful here in England for a few days so I went out with a group of friends and did some drawing.  Because of another appointment, I am always last to make it to the group for our weekly sessions so always have to rush to try to catch up with them.  However, this time, I took myself back to the church we were drawing for a second go, by myself, and managed to slow down and really enjoyed the process of just drawing.  

I will start on clearing out my supplies real soon as I know it has to be done and I will feel a lot better afterwards!