Kerstin E.

Big or small

Many years ago I was on a lecture with a Swedish professor in watercolour, Arne Isacson. He showed a lot of photos and had an idea about that a person either painted with small strokes or with bold strokes and that related to personality. He had noticed this in his teaching. 

This weeks essay made me think about if the big or small is something that comes with your personality or if it can be changed. I mostly work small but perhaps this also has to do with the space I have for my projects. So I will try to work bigger and the idea of 100 has really inspired me. I have a lot of idéas about this, 100 old bookpages with drawings, 100 rocks in a box with 100 compartments and a friend and I have decided to do 100 photos as one big picture. So this has been a week of thinking and planning. Since the weather has been exceptionally good for this time in Sweden I have by my own choice used my creative time to tidy up and plant new flowers in the garden. Gardenwork clears my mind and is great for thinking.

Instead of one of the unfinished projects I am sharing a picture from a collaborative work done at a calligraphy symposium last summer. This was really working big! We used a lot of different tools (and brooms) to make this. It was an exceptional event.