Sue W.

Learning to Make and Take Time

The sentence that meant so much to me in this weeks essay was “Major life goal to make peace with life choices” acknowledge choices and make peace with yourself.

Immediately stress and the shoulds of being in my studio working away disappears - suddenly creating and making is fun – a HUGE release happens.

So on holiday in France and watering a friends garden – falling Cistus flower petals – I collect 50+ white petals and 100+ pink petals- then I arrange them to dry out.

Next day think how to arrange them (reject dinner invitation with friends as I want to play with petals).  Many ideas about how to move them around. - (The petals dried out and crimple slightly which I like – time moves on…

So below:-

Random mixing white and pink petals (interesting but needs to be more formal)

White petal straight line in place of vertical line of pink petals (a little predictable and boring)

Now using an arrangement of the actually colours on the petals red, yellow, etc. as well as the overall colours of the petals to make bow shapes – still keeping the basic 6 vertical stripes.  This added an extra dimension and emphasized the point of the colours on the petals therefore utilizing all the colour available of the petals.  (I am a weaver interested in Kente cloth – must try to escape this!)

P.S. Loved the videos and Ted Talk on the Artists to check out page