Suzy B.

I loved the button idea because I have about a thousand buttons that my mother saved over a 70 year period!  And what did I spy? A button I was sure had resided on my favorite dress worn when I was 12!  Curiosity led me to a stack of photo albums from that time-Tokyo 1954. I had a little idea and started looking at photos I’d taken of a very different Tokyo last year. That led me to think about doing a 3D cityscape. I’d never done anything 3D. I had in mind to cover different size foam blocks in fabric for the buildings, so walked over to Jo-Ann’s.  I thought this might be really hard for me to do, so went to the bakery to get a few cookies as a reward. The semi-homeless guy who usually talks to invisible people decided to talk to me, so I bought us coffee and he told me all about Mars and the sun for 1 1/2 hours. When I got home I had to gesso all the foam, because the glue wouldn't adhere the fabric to it. I made one high-rise and decided it was boring, so made some kites to fly from it. So, that is why I didn’t do the button homework and only have part of my grand idea finished.