Paula K.

Sewing into little vessels, made when experimenting with various fibres, cast-offs, yet to be binned. A frivolous exercise, both the making and the stitching. 100 stitched onto each and uncounted number of buttons stitched on white one. Having to count whilst I stitched forced focus, forced contemplation of what I was doing – almost meditative. Neither piece beautiful but, having done what I’ve just done, they’ve become valuable to me. They remind me of the importance of focus, of concentrating on one thing – that thing that I am doing at that moment and for that I will keep them in the studio to act as a prompt. I may even make small vessels when I’m stuck and keep a supply to stitch into when I need to force myself to get into the focus zone (something I find hard – owner of a butterfly brain). They’re small so I guess I worked obsessive. I suspect I’m more obsessive than big in terms of working. As much as anything that’s down to limited space (and not enough time?) and the fact that bigger pieces use a lot of water and there’s always the risk of water going further than it should, particularly when you’ve a first floor work space! When I have worked larger though I enjoy it – plan to do some more. Perhaps this summer - in the garden.

Another haiku!

Dismiss Committee

Embrace your limitations

Call rebel and work