Maureen M.

Time and how to use it well. This week I put off lunch with a friend until next week, I already had two days committed. I did not feel guilty like I usually do. I am getting more protective of my time. I do know myself well enough that I don’t like living in chaos, so I do get the bare minimum of tidying up done each morning so I have the rest of the day free,

I had an interesting afternoon this week, I met up with two friends who are very creative, but one in particular is very much into buying supplies. She has a wonderful studio but when I looked around I thought “This is not for me” Having supplies to learn a new trick doesn’t speak to me anymore. Again I think it is my wanting to get back to using what I have on hand to master what I have learnt. To simplify, to do eco-dyeing, hand stitch etc. As I wrote last week, I want to limit myself but not constrain myself to just a few supplies.

Taking time to let a piece percolate and stew has not been my usual way. I don’t like to have things hanging over my head, I do all my household chores as quickly as possible. When I get a new idea I usually think of the end result not the journey. This week I have been slowing down and I find I am enjoying the process!! I hand stitched all weekend, something I haven’t done in years. I like the slow movement of the needle and how my mind wandered and thought of all the possibilities.

Size: Working large does not appeal to me, first I really don’t have the studio space and second I have no place to display it.

Play:  I glued 100 buttons onto a 4x4 canvas.