Heidi F.

Really big or really obsessive.

I have not yet done really big, however I started today. Don't yet know where that idea is going, but I love the silhouette of a naked tree, so I will be playing with that. That was what I needed - to play.

For the last couple of years I have stopped taking my time with pieces,  and therefore found that they did not spark joy.

I took 100 buttons, a piece of denim (from the maybe pile), splattered it with silver paint, glued on the buttons, stitched with red thread an outline of a naked tree, put in in an embroidery hoop. It was lovely to just play and go "what if..." I found it hard to put down.

I am curious again, something that has taken a step back for a while. I was really wowed by Liza Lou's work. I have always loved beads and try to incorporate them where I can, her work was an eye opener. 

I enjoy working with smaller pieces, I can normally sit with them anywhere and do stitching/beading. I then find it much easier to find the time. Having said that, I have some ideas for big pieces that I really want to try out, and I will be using the power of my limitations.