Cleo C.

Time…making it, taking it

            It is generally held that when you retire from employment it leaves you with a large amount of time on your hands which you either spend in blissful relaxation, or use to do those things that you have always wanted to do but had no time for. Of course there is a continuum between those two choices, and for me I spent a lot of time at the beginning of my retirement wondering how I had found the time to do anything other than get to work, write lesson plans, mark papers and find the energyto do the same thing again the next day.  It amazed me that in between all of that activity I had been able to keep the household going and keep everybody reasonably happy.  This realization taught me that time can always be found and used to do whatever has to be done. Clearly, it means that to fulfill my artistic aspirations I have to make art ‘what has to be done’   Make the Time…Take the Time…

             Perhaps that is what the elders here mean when they say to you, “Take night and make day” if you are struggling with time constraints.

            So this week I decided to Take the Time to do something creative with two things that I have been curious about and that I have been collecting for some time now, shards and shells.

            First, a little explanation about the shards.  The Caribbean has a colonial past and many elaborate houses were constructed by wealthy landowners.  It would appear that the occupants were very clumsy and broke a lot of crockery, as lots of pottery shards usually with beautiful blue and white patterns, can be found just a few inches below, and many on, the surface of the ground on these abandoned sites. They are the relics of a past time which may be regarded either as fascinating or troubling.  I have been collecting these off and on for a while, sometimes with conflicting thoughts, but with little idea of how I might use them. 

            Everyone loves shells and some of us collect them compulsively.  They too come from a former time having been the homes of delicate creatures living in various marine habitats.  Now discarded by their inhabitants, we can admire them and marvel at their beauty and variety.

             So here is my simple attempt at displaying both of them together, one man made, the other nature made ---both relics of a past time, both beautiful.  I went through many changes trying to decide how I could display them and eventually came up with this. I am calling it an ‘assemblage’. …. Shards and Shells.