Sandy G.

For some reason Lesson 5 was difficult to write about or maybe it was just a a difficult week for me.  It has taken all this time to wrap my mind around the to “take” or to “make”  time and the “big” versus “obsessive”.  And I knew what my project was to be and was excited about it but my committee must have been also lurking in the background of my mind. I thought tackling the “Time” aspect would be most beneficial to me because I now realize just how valuable the actual writing is.  Ha, ha, never in my life would I have thought this. So here goes.

Until I attended a one day Skill Development class at auniversity I worked at, had I ever head the phrase “make time”.  It was a whole new outlook for me, one I thought would be doable.  Since that class I have tried to decide which phrase to use when tackling an activity,  I became really good at using ‘take time” when it was something I had to do or was suppose to do but when it was something I wanted to do I used“make time”. Now that was not something actually given in the class but i twisted it to make it fit my life outside of work. At the time i had no idea the why of it but after reading this week’s essay I believe it was my way ofsavoring the time, whether it be some sort of needlework project or taking with students and hopefully guiding them into thinking about what they themselves wanted to really major in, and not what their parents insisted/wanted, so they could follow their dreams. Example of a student saying, “ I hate math/I not good at math, but my parents want me to be an engineer, especially an aerospace engineer and I do not want to be any kind of engineer.”   I “made time” for students but I hadto “take time” to talk with their parents.  Ahh, us parents can sometimes be such a pain.

Tackling “”Working Big or Obsessive” is easier to tackle because working big has not been one of my strong points.  Small has and still is my favorite size.  Maybe because I was petite with small hands, or loved working quietlyor in the ADD world, hyperfocus, or just really loved savoring the moments of watching what I was working on come to fruition in front of my eyes.  Or all of these.  Such peaceful and wonderful moments meant so much to me, especially during traumatic times in my life. Here was something I could make order out of and be proud of.

Still working on my project so will post a photo of it soon.

Did not finish my project using 73 items. Deciding on a theme and looking for items I already had took awhile but the main time constraint was my committee CEO kept interfering so I did not finish. I love the beach so this is what this was/is going to be. It really took much more time than I had planned but it was fun using items I already had and making due. The sand is from 2 different countries as are the shells, feathers. I thought the bubble wrap would tone down the fabric as well as give reflection like water. Lesson learned. "Begin, do Not Wait"