Jane P.

Firstly, I feel I must apologise to everyone for the late submission.

I went to visit my brother and sisters, which set me behind.

I now feel guilty but am rapidly catching up,

I found the essay this week provoked a lot of thought.

It is where my practice has failed over the past few years due to caring for both my parents and their passing.

Overall the course has me back in the studio and enjoying being there.

This weeks essay combined with the committee of lesson 3 came together quite powerfully. 

I am the main problem on the committee as I can avoid being in the studio for fear. Once I am there I love the space and being creative.

Acceptance of who I am and that creating and stitching makes me feel complete, so I keep telling myself that my studio time is important and if I don't use it a new body of work will not happen.

I have worked big in the past, but I could not try out this part of the lesson as I have to work outside and the weather has been either too cold, wet , too windy or all three.

So I plan to try this out later in the year.

Looking around for bits and pieces that add up to my age was fun.Recently I have inherited my Grandmother's sewing table.

It was full of buttons and threads. 

So for the exercise I have created a collage of buttons around three black and white photographs of her.