Lori T.

I just listened to Jane's Week Five Review, and it really put things in perspective for me.  I've been in that same old groove of "I'm not doing enough", which is the groove that brought me into this course in the first place, and has been accompanying me all the way.

After listening to Jane's remarks I feel like I'm pretty much on track, or that, if I'm not, it's OK, because I will be on again.

Showing up during Week Five took the form of organizing my boxes of beads and buttons for the first time in years, getting rid of stuff that didn't have any juice for me.  And though I keep wanting to start making something new, it hasn't happened yet, so I've been doing some hand-quilting on an older project and really enjoying the pace of that.  And I will feel great when it's finished!

And though it is subtle, I think the changes taking place underground are going to stay with me and alter my experience of my work, going forward.  And that's really what I wanted to have happen in this course.