Heather D.

Time is a huge issue for me.  For years I have been waiting for those occasional blocks of time when I have a few hours for painting, and I relish these times.  But months have gone by in between and I feel so distant and disconnected from my creative self that I barely know where to start when I finally pick up a brush.  This winter I decided that I was going to try to go downstairs to my studio every day, if only for 10 minutes, and I would pick up one paintbrush and use one color, and that’s it, but I did it almost every day.  After a couple of months the end result was a painting quite different than one that I might have painted in the course of a weekend.  Plus, I felt like my creativity was always right there: I was thinking about it every day, and doing something about it.

With the exercise this week I loved the idea of going big, but the time and space just weren’t there, so I set out to make 100 3x3 inch cards with as many different ways of mark making in black and white as I could think of.  I loved this since I could work on just a few at a time.  They were satisfying individually in a small sort of way, but as the pile grew it became more interesting, and eventually it became like a mixed media sampler and something for me to turn to for ideas when I am running dry.