Robin F.

Work Obsessive or Work Big

This was an interesting exercise. I thought I would like to colour some papers & then collage them to make something new. I used water colour crayons on watercolour paper. The long thin stick pieces were cut from one piece of paper which had all the colours on it. That piece took a long time to colour & I have to say it took longer than I had wanted it to. I try to be patient, I know for something to be worthwhile it does take time. Breathe, I always tell beginning free motion quilters that. Must listen to my own words.

This course for me has been about taking a look at what I am doing & assessing it. I have not done that very often, just know what I like to do. I read what everyone else has written & it seems to flow, where as my writing is a struggle. Perhaps it is a little too introspective as I find it difficult to talk about myself, particularly the artist part. Who knew at my age I would still be learning new things about what is inside of me.

I’m not sure if I achieved either big or obsessive, however it was a fun exercise. The pale coloured piece with red on it is water colour paper that I coloured & the other one is leftover pieces from a dye workshop that I collaged on a piece of felt & quilted. A little too obsessive for me.