Rita H.

I didn’t really “get” lesson 5 until today.  So I just plunged forward in choosing an activity, and trusted the process and Jane’s words, that some light would go on in the attic (pun intended as that is where my studio is.)  I chose the age activity, my 63rd birthday is right around the corner, so I used this as a challenge to go through all my fabrics (still in the process of organizing).  I cut different sizes of 63 favorite fabrics, making sure to cut into those untouched “precious” ones.  Four bags to throw random sizes into – small, medium, large, extra large.  Starting with smalls and thinking my rule would be to jut sew together without thought or fitting into any design.

As I proceeded I realized that I wasn’t getting along with the randomness, and that I began to enjoy creating little “vignettes” with what I came to call “Mindful randomness”. First rule broken.

Then I saw that black created space, a breathing point between the density of all the patterns and colors, so I began to incorporate black as a non-color.  2nd rule broken. I had no idea this would take soooo long and it really felt like work.  I wanted to stop and find those errands to do, or phone calls, whatever I use to procrastinate. Once I committed to this lesson and was curious about how it would turn out if I just worked and trusted the process, I began to have fun.  NO pressure, no deadline (well maybe today was my deadline), no show to enter.  It became just play. What a concept.

I guess this would be sort of obsessive, it felt that way as I kept changing a line, or adding another square, extending a black space.  It is bigger than I have been doing lately, 36 long x 26 wide. I also learned more about this wonky space I am in now, how to maneuver, what I need to do about design wall space – go bigger I know that.

After spending time the past several years working to create “art quilts” to enter shows, this was almost hard for me to spend so much time on something that had no outside goal.  But I learned so much; I think I get this lesson now.  Oye the work ahead.  I did make sure I took the time, and also I made the time while I was working and I am pleased.

I did use 63 fabrics – and it felt good to just play.  I am beginning to wonder about my understanding about “art quilt” and maybe I need to open up my mind as to what exactly that is.