Kara B.

Large vs obsessive. I never quite know which of these directions I want to go. I think it goes back to my negative voice holding me back. I have some ideas for large. Quite large. I’ve never managed to actually get myself to the point of starting anything large. So, I’ve been working small and sometimes obsessive. I attempted obsessive this week. Nothing really struck me mostly because of time. I started a few things, but just didn’t really like them. I have a small piece that I did a little over a year ago that was definitely obsessive. You can see the whole piece and I tried to photograph the detail in the quilting. It is 1 inch squares that I then quilted tiny parallel lines in. They alternated directions and are diagonal to the over-all square. I made sure the directions changed through the rest of the design. I tested many different tiny quilting patterns before I decided on this, and I love the way it makes the rest of the design pop.