Alicia C.

The last two weeks have been an interesting read and have been trying to figure out what to do. I left home Feb 1st to spend this month with my mom in Florida and while here celebrated her 85th birthday, I have enjoyed being in the sunshine state and away from the Connecticut winter. I have not been in my studio but realize that I am so much into stuff, I have to much fabric, papers, paints, dyes and always want to try this and that and ultimately get so little accomplished. I do often get in the mood and clean out closets and piles but somehow over time end up at the same place. I am heading back home next week and know that this extended time away has given me an opportunity to reflect and I need to simplify my life in so many ways.

In reading about limitations and the idea of working big reminded me of when I started art in mixed media collage and working very large, it was so much fun and the unexpected results created with layers of hand painted papers and found stuff. I think my challenge will be the opposite creating art that is small. I will try to create something here that is small.