Pat N.

I have fallen behind some. Combining knee surgery, physical therapy, the chiropractor for problems caused by the PT and becoming chair person for our 50 member art quilt group and having to totally construct the group's format has been a real strain. I am happy to say all the hard organizational work is mostly finished. I have totally enjoyed the class so far and look forward to having more time to focus on it. The class lessons and listening to Jane has a calming effect on me. Cleaning out my sewing room is a real challenge but I have started it which is a miracle.

Yesterday, I found a bag of cut out fabric which had been bonded with wonder under from a class I had taken. I knew I would never complete it, so I threw it. Overnight, I thought why not take those cut out pieces and make something! So, today, I was digging into our recycle basket to collect them. I think I can have fun with them! Just need more time to clear off workspace. Did get most of my decorative threads put away today!


As I think about Really Big or Really Obsessive, I know I am not into really big. My work does have a lot of detailed machine quilting and thread embellishments, so I guess I lean towards Really Obsessive. I am not always happy with my results, too much detail that takes forever to accomplish. I need to find a happy middle ground.

Had a conversation with a really good art quilter today and we discussed "taking the time" to make a good piece versus rushing thru a project and being unhappy with the results. I agree with both of you. So, I will remember to slow down.