Gail G.

  1. I found this week really difficult; the concepts seemed tricky to absorb.  For instance I would love to work large but do not really have the facilities...why not? I love repetition, but I have always considered this a cop-out.  I do not easily fit with tidiness either, like hairy edges, which I always have a problem with (to bondaweb or not), or being advised this is not proper (the committee).  Sitting down and sticking with it is for me a great problem, to make enough psychic space to tolerate difficulty and thought and waiting...
  2. So I decided to do the 100 project; I had a lot of little red squares to I just tried to make something of 100 of them--see picture.  What I can say is that I liked doing it, it should be within a much large piece of fabric, and much wilder...but not a bad idea....Idid like the rhythm of it all and patterning.
  3. A small thing: difficult dreams, resentments at doing domestic quilts for endless step-children....decided to get rid of a lot of stuff! weighing me down... feels good.
  4. Finally here are some thoughts on Practice/Practise (in America same spelling):
      • Practice: (noun) 
        • My practice is making textiles
        • I am a practioner of textiles
        • My regular practice is to get to the studio by 2pm
      • Practise: (verb)
        • I practise making art every day
        • I practise textile making as a profession
        • I am practised in making textile
      • Practised: (adjective)
        • I am practised at making textiles