Susan M.

Making time

The process I’m most interested in pursuing now, maybe forever, is stitch. The bad thing about it – it’s S L O W! The good thing about it – it’s S L O W! It takes time and can’t be hurried. I love that it requires a sane pace. And, when I’m underway with an idea, I don’t absolutely have to have a big block of time. But, often even the smaller bits of time are hard to find.

Things to do to make time:

1) I’m something of a political junkie and regularly pour over multiple newspapers for an hour or more every morning. Election day! There couldn’t be a better time to rein that habit in.

2) And, instead, I’m going to sit and stitch for at least a ½ hour every morning.  That’s 3 ½ hours a week! Yes, of course, with a fresh cup of coffee nearby.

Taking time

I think that for me “taking time” is about not counting time. Forgetting the clock. I’m working on something that is, in some ways, a mindless approach. Stitch as drawing, careless, uncertain, poorly crafted craft. Even so, it’s slow. I need to work without considering how long it’s taking, without measuring progress, without counting time. And, without worrying if the result will be worth the time. How to do this? I hope just the intention to not count time will launch a different engagement with the process.

Below "Doubt" in progress...