Michele K.

When I read week 5 lesson and assignment, I took the easy way and started to play with grains of black rice. It was fun to make a few drawings with it . When it came to the point of digging a bit deeper, I escaped and taught « Anyway, I am just wasting my time doing that », and, even if I am thinking a lot of the lessons and assignments, I didn’t do much this week.

That brings me back to week 3and the committee. Probably, for me, there is another member, made from a conglomeration of words and sentences heard for long time, that tells me :  « Dont spend your time for nothing, do something useful ».  

And I guess that it won’t be easy to get read of that powerful voice.

I will have to get to a type of compromise to avoid that inside voice to be speaking too loud.

So I will try to write, each evening for the next day, what I have to do - compulsory stuff- and what I want to find time for.  I will experiment if that helps me.

This afternoon, I took the time to collect and glue autumnal leaves , fallen on the lawn, and I liked doing that.