Mary L.

Due to a couple of very busy weeks, I am behind in lessons and trying to catch up.  I started my obsession pieces with circles.  They aren't all cut out yet and I am still musing on the back ground and arrangement of the circles. However. i wanted to check in for the week.   I am excited about the possibilities and looking forward to playtime with this piece.  I used lots of scraps for the circles as well as some hand died fabric from a class I took five years ago.  Cleaning out and using up so covered lesson 4 !   The black and white piece is a work in process from lesson one.   I am starting a series with this concept so this is just a start.

Speaking of obsessions..... The reason I am behind is that I just completed back to back marathon weekend races---( plus, two weeks before running a multi-race weekend that included a half marathon).  This past weekends 26.2 put me over my year goal of 1000 running miles!!!!! Not bad for being 66 years old.  Proud of my accomplishments, however I must admit that "the committee" is telling me that I could have run a faster pace and that I really didn't need the lazy recovery days I took and used as a reason not to complete the lessons.  Ugh... the committee spills over to every aspect of my life.  I am relieved and very glad the pressure of the big races are over and I can put more of my energy into this class.

I am so enjoying reading and seeing everyone's work!!!!!