Kris L.

I haven’t participated in the open Studio these past two weeks, however, I have taken time to read a few of the posted and have greatly been encouraged by each one as I read each person’s journey.  I did gather two bags of miscellaneous from my “Q” room which took all day to fill but it felt amazing.  I now feel that the grazing can begin and has.  For me being a full time worker bee….I come home tired and love my down time before I can go into my “Q” Room and before I know it…it can be bed time.  Alas!  But I need to be ok with that right?  REBEL!!!!!  I may have to set a specific time to head into my room…will that bug me???  We will see. It was fun cutting up many pieces of paper and gluing them on a background for week 5 assignment…loved playing!  So..  I will be practicing to SLOW Down, protect my time and savor the process, enjoy each piece I’m working on and not to hurry….