Denise B.

I like the concept of using what you have.  I am guilty of dashing out and purchasing more fabrics, materials, etc without a thought to what I already have.  Then on my return having to find another home for these new items!  I am about to embark on a new project and have set myself the target to only use what I already have.

As my next project will be based on an Autumnal theme I thought it would be apt to gather 100 leaves.  So, this weekend whilst my daughter and I were out walking I set the challenge to see who could collect the most leaves, suffice to say my daughter won.  I popped them all into a box and then whilst poised with a camera my daughter emptied the box onto the patio.  It was windy at the time so the leaves were tossed across and off the patio.  Here are some of my pictures.