Carla D.

This morning it was "go to the store" or "work in your studio".  I'm so glad that I chose the later.

During the week I got out my scraps pile and tried to make a piece using all those bits and pieces on a larger scale.  I tried but failed.  Next day I took it all apart because I did not want to spend time on something that just wasn't working.  A day later I took a quilt that I had spent hours on and cut up most of it into 1.5 X 1.5 " pieces and tried to arrange them into something that worked.  No such luck.  Feeling discouraged, I could hear those voices questioning why I had even tried.  Next day, thanks to CST, I "got back on my horse" and decided to arrange the pieces into something else.

Lo and behold, the work became fun and I like the result. There are one hundred small squares that are made up of very small pieces that were originally sewn by a grid.  The grid is repeated with the squares on the black.  Now I want to put it all together which could prove difficult, but I'll learn, and if I hate it, well it is not a total lost cause. I have enough of the original quilt to make another 100 squares so maybe I will make it bigger.