Jane M.

Really big or really obsessive

I was thinking about this whilst unpacking boxes and considering whether to keep the contents and put it in my new studio. I came a across a box of felt scraps , all similar colours and mostly left over from the first felt workshop I ever did. I kept them because I really liked the teacher and I thought they might come in useful. So in clear out mode I thought , right now they go in the bin , they have been sitting here just occupying space for more than three years and I really need to have less stuff . Then I looked at them again and thought there are loads, why don't I just put them all together and see what happens. I did not count them at this point , which I could have easily done, but began to arrange them  haphazardly to give a rough rectangular shape. I usually pin pieces together before felting , put then I don't normally deal in such small pieces. I was going to run out of pins, so I decided to just lay them out and then stitch them together . I tried at this point to count them but it was impossible , there are about 6o.

What I sense of achievement I had as I stitched , them together using invisible basting. I learnt this stitch from Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth site which I think is just wonderful. As I stitched I thought about the three pieces that the scraps originated from and enjoying sitting at my new sewing table in my far from completed new studio.

I couldn't stop there, I had to go on and felt them together.

I couldn't stop there, I had to go on and felt them together.

Small precious scraps

brought into the light of day 

Felt to mark a new time