Sue K.

Really Big or Really Obsessive

At this point, I still feel myself to be in a learning curve and trying to discover what it is I really want to do in either a Big or Obsessive way. Through my ongoing purging of things, I am approaching that question by discovering what I don’t want, and don’t need. 

As to Really Big, I have tended to work small mostly because of the space limitations in my work space. Since the current project will enlarge it considerably (eventually) I may be encouraged to go bigger in future. Somehow right now, something under four feet in any dimension feels comfortable, and bigger does not.

Really Obsessive was accumulating and storing (some would say, hoarding) all that stuff. But just in case there's a place for obsessive in my art endeavors, I am following one of the prompts. I have a box of buttons I’ve been collecting since I was a child. I discovered I could no longer get the lid on my button box, so I decided to take some out. I selected exactly 100 shell buttons. Now the lid fits back on (sorta). 

I have begun to sew o a bit of cross-stitch cloth, with some interesting cotton and metallic thread I found in the bottom of a drawer. The whole project fits into a baggie so it’s portable and available, and I can do it in my lap. It’s what the modern girls call “slow stitching” I think. I’m drawing the buttons out at random and stitching them on in different ways, sometimes filling in between with some little decorative stitches. It is very meditative. I always enjoy handwork when I get into it, but then I forget...My first session, about 90 minutes, resulted in this grouping. I’ll keep at it, though likely will not finish it during Week 5. I’ll share later, when it’s done. 

While I was working on this today, I had a visitation from my late father. When I was a kid, and asked him “whatcha doin’ Daddy?”, he used to answer “sewing buttons on eggs”. As I sat working on this little project today, and wondering why, I heard Dad’s voice say “sewing on eggbuttons”. My questions are answered for now.