Micaela F.

I’ve contemplated this lesson all week, while I worked on a current piece. I kept wanting to work with the exercises – I do find them intriguing and want to discover what might come from the experimentation. I love the materials some of the other artists here have chosen to work with - leaves, rice, hardware - screws and nuts…

I had difficulty connecting with an exercise or idea that I wanted to spend the time on. Everything I thought of was, in fact, too large or too obsessive! I thought about digging randomly in my scrap bag and simply sewing together 100 pieces – whatever came out, whatever shape in whatever random order – that would be okay, and I still may do that (as I have done before) – but it didn’t happen last week, and probably won’t happen for a while.

Problem… I often work large… and often obsessively – or at least with lots of detail. So my decision this week, after some hesitation as I tried to the make the time for the exercises, was simply to continue to work on a piece already in progress. Lots and lots of hand stitching, with some machine stitching, but right now am doing the hand work – and there’s lots more to go. It has the benefit of being meditative, because the actions are so repetitive. I’ve managed an hour or two most days – sometimes more. That’s my commitment to the studio this week.

Back to it now. Happy stitching!