Gay K.

How awesome to just fiddle away at something this week, to "settle the wandering mind, while engaging hands" as Jane put it.

Since my abdominal surgery last fall, I've been thinking a lot about the sensation of tension and constriction as it relates to my surgical scars. How literally for two months I was convinced my surgeon sewed me back two sizes too small because my abdomen felt so pinched in that walking hunched over was preferable to the extreme pain of straightening up.

So, I've become a bit obsessed with the idea of knots, but hadn't done anything with it. This week I ripped some fabric into strips that I then loosely wove together, binding the weaving by knotting the strips together. I then knotted all that together because it just felt good to keep tying knots! I didn't spend much--if any--time in thinking about what my finished product would be, just kept tying away, enjoying the sensation of working with the fabric. I'm sure there's at least 100 knots in this thing. I cannot remember the last time I played like this and I really relished it. What a revelation!