Mirjam A.

Workshop 4 and 5 


1.    Make do with what you have.

2.   100 hand printed leftover fabric pieces from previous projects.

It may not answer completely the instructions but it worked for me.  There were 3 little plastic bags in one of my draws and I counted 100 leftover pieces from previous work.  Did not want to think about it too much and will work on this in the coming week.  Tittle of the piece is  “City Scape”, naming artwork always comes after I have created it.

One thing has become clear “there is no time in my studio”, I would go back to the house and discover that time kept moving but I was somewhere else.

The art work is 12.5”/42.5” the only criteria I had in mind was “strips of hand printed fabric”, no idea what would come …..just let it flow.  I created 100 strips from my old stash and slowly audition each one until, in my eye, I could live with it.  At present I have screen prints to superimpose onto the work later today and stitch it - quilt it, what ever this may need.

This exercise afforded me the freedom to create and at the same time needed to stay within my 100 pieces.

Play became my building block and time does not exist.  In the last few months I have created only postcard size artwork and this one is considerably bigger.

I love working on major pieces of work and small ones, neither frighten me off as long as I stay centered and true to myself.