Cori G.

What a fun exercise!

I decided to go thru my scrap bin and willy nilly fuse some delightful pieces of fabric to a piece of muslin and then start to stitch it in free motion embroidery.  I have a ton of gorgeous scraps that occasionally (and I mean rarely) decide to part with.  As a result of this exercise, I have decided this fall, I will go thru my scrap bin and sort it by color, hopefully riding myself of many pieces in the process and bringing scrappy order so that it is easier to find a particular color when needed.  

The piece is still in progress but it is really fun and meditative to work on.  I forgot how much I enjoy free motion embroidery!  I also feel like this is the start of me working on some scrappy projects that turn into bags, scarves, maybe even wall art.  Who knows what will happen?  It's just juicy to play.