Linda E.

I haven't written to the open studio  over the last few weeks but I have been doing my assignments and have actually been getting excited about this process. Each weeks lessons have been building my strength already although I haven't spent a lot of time or any time on creating but I am in a new drawing group and have been getting assignments each week which is a challenge for me since I don't consider myself a drawer.

I  selected my committee, and like many quickly found my mother there, but then I found my father who was always so supportive of my artistic endeavors and gained some insight into how I work, an how my father worked on his creative things. I never really thought of it until looking at voices ect that my father was very creative and visual. He was just a hard working Dad who went to work and spent weekends listening to ball games, cooking and fixing things around the house. But then I started thinking about what he did when he was alone- photography and developing prints in the basement, mosaics, wooden boxes, decoupage, building frames for his photos, building models. He treasured his alone time, like me and I truly never saw this connection. That brought a tear to my eye and was exciting.

I thought I cleaned things before we started this class so that I would know where things were and I would be ready to work. I organized fabrics and images and supplies for sewing but didn't really think to clean the studio space where I do the messy stuff. Wow- I had a lot saved for that project I might do sometime in the future... Many bags of recycling and a day and night of reorganizing later, I feel I can work again in this space- with the right materials!

And limitations- we are experiencing a drought and a very hot dry summer here on the coast of BC. This last week there were almost 200 fires throughout the province. Winds brought severe smoke to our area from both sides where fires were burning far away. Good days to be inside. 

When looking for unfinished projects to cut and redesign I had to think of things to do that would not require water for clean up and decided to look to some pieces of cloth that were through the dying phase and discharging phase which lead me to paints, paint inventory and making myself work with limitations on colour palette. I have begun designing the next layer for this fabric- in my head.

On to this week- 100 things- buttons,shells, stamps. I sorted stamps all morning after removing them from pages of my childhood stamp collection book and my fathers stamp collection book.

Then I sorted by colour, then quickly past 100. Then I was intrigued by the old pages from my father's book so I decided to make myself a journal and bind it. I You Tubed bookbinding and off I went. So satisfying to truly play.

I should also add since I am summing up my weeks thus far, I swim laps and have found myself writing poetry in my head as I swim. I am reading Billy Collins and loving his view of his world. 

So truly enjoying the unfolding of this class. 

Happy Summer Days to all,

Linda Elias